Design Thinker in Residence





The design thinker enables your staff to think customer and solution centric.

The residency is there to help you anchor a culture of design thinking and intrapreneurship in the organisation. Aligned with your company strategy, we explore your creative potential and set your expectations. Company challenges are made explicit for people to pitch in with ideas and initiatives.

Taking a step by step approach, the design thinker coaches your staff to understand, observe, ideate, prototype and test solutions with your customers. SPRINTS and development tools are facilitated and taught. We nurture the minds of employees to feel comfortable with expressing their ideas and thoughts on product / service improvements.

A purpose built creative space, lab og similar can be built to help staff focus on creative activities.

Many organisations are sitting on a perma frost of potential. The design thinker in residence works to thaw out this condition to release creativity and innovation.


Your greatest asset are the people who work for you. Motivated, they have the potential to develop your products and services. Working across the value chain, the design thinker helps apply design thinking practices alongside existing jobs to develop your staffs' creative skills as individuals and in teams. Everyone can be creative!


Over a 90 day period staff are introduced to challenges that need solving. Creative workouts take place where they can contribute with ideas and thoughts. This is done co-creating with colleagues and other stakeholders. Tools and materials are provided.