Virtuel reality healthcare

VR for Paediatric Procedural Pain

Motivates originated the idea and in cooperation with Rigshospital's Center for Pediatric Pain developed an immersive VR pediatric procedual pain solution that distracts the child's attention reducing anxiety and pain. Now in use in 10 Danish hospitals as well as Norway and Germany. 


Video Medgadget English

Video TV2 Danish

BikeAround - The past is now

Motivates facilitated the ideation workshop where "BikeAround" originated. Developed by jDome, BikeAround uses Google Street View and bike pedals to give people (the elderly) an immersive and cognitively stimulating experience. Bringing back memories of places and time.

Top 100 innovations on the global market

Video English - Google conference

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Innovation facility design

Motivates has developed innovation facilities to stimulate ideation.They are neurocreative facilities featuring acoustic stimuli, wall-to-wall idea paint, mapping boards, a timeout podium, imagineering tools, visual and kinaesthetic prototyping. A place to immerse peoples' minds and let their ideas come to life.

Ideation bootcamp facilitator

Making it easier for people to ideate has been my job as a facilitator. Engaging diverse teams of people in private and public organisations in Healthcare, Medtech, Transport, FMCG, Fintech and Services. From ideation to pitch ready decks.